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"As an artist, I feel that it’s really essential to always push yourself to grow, develop, and change things up. Although it is important to have a recognizable artistic voice, I think it’s also necessary to explore and try something new, every once in a while. When you get too comfortable, you might be missing out on growth that comes with venturing outside that comfort zone - this is when really great things happen in the creative process!"


Chris Figat is a Connecticut (U.S.) artist whose strong interest in the visual arts would lead him to classify "art" as being his first language.  Working mostly in acrylics, Chris is able to capture the essence of the human subject, and the beauty of a face, through the use of patience, observation, passion, and a wide array of colors. 


Chris Figat attended school and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design at Central Connecticut State University in 1999. Since then, he has been actively involved in various aspects of the visual arts and graphic design.

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